Friday, 6 November 2015

Newest Doll design! Winter Heidi! #093

Pattern coming soon! Winter Heidi pattern will be available half price during my Raverly group WE MAKE DOLLS KAL that will begin in the next couple weeks.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Newest Doll design

Drusilla and Raven

KAL going on right now on We make dolls on Raverly 

Poem I wrote about Spring

I need the smell of rotten twigs and wood chips burning free
I need the hint of trees on wind and leaves blowing in the breeze
I need the sound of birds chirping, their song heard so long ago
And the crack of a twig on a dirt brown soil
Waiting to turn green

The sprout of grass on a yellowed canvas the smell of summer song
The hint of fire, burning bright
The smell of all life's arrival

Bring forth to me the summer's breeze
Early in the spring's showers

I take with me the breath of life
And bring with me desire

The bird may chirp
My head looks up
And in that moment sun, I feel the heat and feel the life
Of spring ever sprung.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Poem about working hard for what you want and yet it being still out of reach

All My Timing

All my timing
Has been slightly off
All my planning
Has been a big laugh

I close my eyes and I see things
The way I wish had been
The times spent working away
And I hold my breath and continue every day

Only to be faced with distress

All my timing
Has been slightly off
All my planning
has been a big laugh

Working hard- I should have played

All my effort
spill milk on the floor
All my hard work
thrown out the door

Don’t listen to the bull that’s on display

All my timing
Has been slightly off
All my planning
has been a big laugh

Put one foot out the door
Hold my head up a little higher
Go trudging through the lie
Once again

Can’t deal with defeat
Wasn’t born to not complete
Keep believing with work
I’ll get the prize

Even though

All my timing
Has been slightly off
All my planning
has been a big laugh

Maybe one day
It will show
All my effort
Not the woes

And working hard won’t be a mistake

But for now I don’t know
Guess I have to see it through
Because I don’t know how to do it
any other way

I hope my timing
Will finally be on
I hope my planning
Bringing the fruit I long.

Deena Thomson

Friday, 5 June 2015

New Leaf poncho for neice of Friend

Girl child had a lot of compliments on her blue poncho I finished back in April and a friend asked if I could make her one for her neice. So I did but I don't like to do the same thing twice.

This time I took this pattern called Cables and Lace Afghan Square #7 and the leaf vines from Cables and Leafs pattern here

I cast on 112 stitches with worsted yarn and US 7 4.5mm circular needles placing stitch markers between the Cables and Lace Afghan pattern and the leaf vines from Cable and Leafs. The leaf vine is the middle section.

This time I did not do two pieces and then sew them together later since I wanted it to be asymmetrical like I did my blue one- for memory here is the blue Leaf poncho I finished in April

I knitted the piece flat until it was 60 inches long, folded it in half and left 12 inches again for the neck.

For the ruffles I did the same as the blue poncho - along bottom of poncho with crochet hook I did (2dc, chain 1, 2dc, chain 1, sc in second stitch, chain 1) repeat all the way around.

For the Collar 
Round 1- single crocheted around the opening of the neck
Round 2- single crochet through back loop

Then go to ridge created from sc in back loop and (2dc, chain 1, 2dc, chain 1, sc in second stitch, chain one) repeat. This creates a ruffled collar but won't touch the neck and lays nice and flat.

I think I am addicted to ponchos. Now I am making myself one - A pattern called Madison by Martin Storey. Stay tune for updates!

Friday, 29 May 2015



In a world of never ending happiness
Told deep in every lies
I heard the old man hollering
To the flowers that have died
He told them of their stories
Of hate and those unloved
Simplifying anger just to make a point
Can you see the trees and how they are the same?
Some are covered in orange leaves and some are covered in rain
Can you see the grass beneath the trees?
And the texture of their blade
All this anger built up
Yet the wind still makes them sway
Butterflies take to the sky
In all their different shapes and sizes
Singing songs of laughter and other songs of disaster
Up fly the moths with their grey colour cloths sings similar songs about their lot
Which one of them is the wiser? Which one is not?
Oh please, old man who speaks
Tell me what is true?
Why is passion and opinions always hiding behind dispute?
Can it be from what you see?
Everyone needs a victory
Regardless of the message, regardless of the Hypocrisy
Old man sits down on a rock
Holds his hands out to the Sun and the clock
Simplifying matters is as foolish as it is not
He sighs at the coming rain and the pebbles glistening in the stream
Whispers words to the Northern skies of hope forever lost
It is true, the flowers of blue
There will never be an end
Not when one and the other will not see they are the same.
He lays down his weary head and turns away from sight
Wonder what will become of those silly flowers that died.
~Deena Thomson~

Friday, 22 May 2015

The View Outside

The View Outside

I look out this window
At the great big world out there
And I really have to wonder
Is there anyone left who cares

The years of life keep passing, each day and each year
And with it, I can’t help it
Is this growing, knowing despair
Can it really be, this ugly?
Is there no kindness anywhere?
Is mankind always hateful, no matter who we are?

Can this be? This reality?
Humanity crashing down on its knees
Over zealots people overjoyed by other’s dark deeds

I sit back from the window with my heart beating low
Darkness all around me chills me to the bone
I wonder where’s the happiness gone and if it was ever there
And I shutter by the coldness of all that hate steals

Can it be? This reality?
Humanity crashing down on its knees
Hopeless, hateful people
Saturating every once of air we breathe.

A small hand reaches up from the darkness
Holds a necklace made of weeds
Here’s a dandelion promise
That I will be good and work hard to be kind
Don’t let the darkness suck you up
Don’t let the hate win
Take my hand Mommy,
We have to try again

It can’t be? This reality?
Not all humanity is on their knees
Hopeful, loving people are still trying to breath

Stand up
Close the window
Hold the hand of the Jeweler
I can’t stop the hateful
But I can change my view for his future
~Deena Thomson~